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 Pupil Outcomes 2014-2017 Overview

Updated July 2017 – website (public) version

Key Stage 2 Attainment 2016

DfE KS2 National Assessment Information

 Lord Deramore’sNationalLord Deramore’sNational
% at the expected standard or above% at the expected standard or above % achieving a high score (110+)% achieving a high score (110+)
Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling86%72%45%23%
Reading, Writing, Maths combined62%53.30%24%5%

What the Government says:

In 2016, a school will be above the floor standard (this is the national standard, it is the minimum standard for pupil attainment and/or the progress that the government expects schools to meet) if

  • At least 65% of pupils meet the expected standards in English reading, English writing and mathematics; or
  • The school achieves sufficient progress scores in all three subjects
  • At least -5 in English Reading, -5 in mathematics and -7 in English writing.

To be above the floor, the school needs to meet either the attainment or all of the progress element.

What Lord Deramore’s says:

  • We are so proud of our children and the amazing progress they have made. The floor standard is 65% but the national picture is 53%. We are above this at 62%.
  • We know that in 2016 the impact of accurate spelling was significant in the achievement of the expected standard in writing. This can present a challenge for pupils who have dyslexia.
  • We are delighted to be above the floor in all three progress measures.

Key Stage 1 Attainment 2016

 Lord Deramore’sNationalLord Deramore’sNational
% at the expected standard or above% at the expected standard or above % achieving at greater depth% achieving at greater depth
Reading, Writing, Maths69%60.30%24.10%8.90%

This is the first set of Key Stage 1 data where the cohort has achieved above the national data set in all areas at the higher attaining level.

In Reading we are in the top five schools in York for attainment at greater depth, in writing we are the highest attaining school at greater depth and in Mathematics we are 13th.

We know that our focus on reading comprehension helped pupils focus on retrieval, word meaning and inference supporting both language development as well as the vocabulary for writing.

Progress Measures KS1 – KS2

Average Scaled ScoreAverage Scaled ScoreAverage Scaled Score
Our reading progress shows that we are in the top five schools in York. We consider that our focus on developing understanding in reading through a love of literature has supported this amazing outcome.
As we move into the new school in 2017 we aim to extend and develop our range of fiction.
Our outcomes in writing are as we predicted, we know that Talk for Writing has had an impact on the quality of writing. We will continue to focus on intervention and support for pupils who have dyslexia.Our maths progress indicates that we are in the top eight schools in York. A strong focus on building resilience through problem solving alongside practical maths activities has supported the achievement of this cohort.
Mathletics, an e-learning platform is now part of maths development at home and school.

Early Years Foundation Stage

The school has made significant progress over the past two years in average point score.  The 2015 cohort contained 3 children with significant needs which affected the overall percentage achieving GLD.  Taking these children out of the data, the percentage achieving GLD would have been 74%.  Despite this, achievement has continued to be above National averages and projections suggest this will continue in 2017. 

 2014 (no = 30)2015 (no = 30)2016 (no = 29)
% Good level of Development70% (Nat. 60.4%)67 % (Nat. 66.3%)86% (Nat. 69.3%)
Average Point Score of Cohort36 (Nat. 33.8)37 (Nat. 34.3)39 (Nat. 34.5)

Key Stage 2 National Comparison 2013 – 2015

12 Boys16 Girls13 Boys15 Girls17 Boys13 Girls
Sch L4+Nat L4+Sch L5+Nat L5+Sch L4+Nat L4+Sch L5+Nat L5+Sch L4+Nat L4+Sch L5+Nat L5+
% Reading938661459789615090896750
% Writing978343309785363387864033
% Mathematics978546418686504287864342
% Read, Writing & Mathematics897529218279292490792724
% Two levels progress in Reading89%88%92%91%90%91%

Key Stage 1 National Comparison 2013 – 2015

17 Boys and 13 Girls13 Boys and 15 Girls17 Boys and 13 Girls
% Level 2+979197928892
% Level 2b877880808180
% Level 3202323243524
% Level 2+938990908890
% Level 2b907983818181
% Level 3272937313531
% Level 2+938583868886
% Level 2b676760706170
% Level 3131513161916

Rates of Authorised and Unauthorised Absence

The school is required to publish certain information relating to absence rates of pupils of compulsory school age during the immediately preceding school year.

The total number of registered pupils of compulsory school age on roll for at least one session during 2015/16205
The percentage of half days (sessions) missed through authorised absence2.40%
The percentage of half days (sessions) missed through unauthorised absence1.28%