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We hope you find the following information useful. If you have any questions or comments, please email:

suzie.mckenna@york.gov.uk (Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday)

mary.mccormack@york.gov.uk (Thursday & Friday)

Summer Term

We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday. This term we look forward to some sunny weather when the children can make full use of our outdoor space. We have planned some challenging and enjoyable activities and expect that the children will, with your support, continue to build on their achievements and enjoy success in school.

The Curriculum

Our theme this term is Chocolate. We will study world geography to find out where chocolate comes from and look at the history of chocolate making in the world and specifically in York. In science we will find out about animals, including humans. Our art work will cover a range of skills including collage and illustrations and in DT, we will design and make packaging for a chocolate bar. Year 4 will return to playing the violin with Mrs Martin while Year 3 will start their swimming lessons.

Both classes will enjoy some chocolatey cooking sessions.
Following our work with the Jorvik Viking Centre, we have been invited for a visit and plan to combine this with a visit to the Chocolate Story in York. You should have already received a letter about this exciting visit.

Curriculum Overview Summer 2017

English and maths are core subjects which are tested at Year 2 and Year 6. Use the following links to find out more.

‘How Can I help My Child’

Progression booklets

Y3 Maths Y4 Maths
Y3 Reading Y4 Reading
Y3 Writing & SPaG Y4 Writing & SPaG

The Primary National Curriculum

English in the National Curriculum – Spelling

English in the National Curriculum – Vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation

Information on KS1 & KS2 SATs 2016



As children move through Years 3 and 4, they become less dependent on the book boxes to guide their reading. Rather than having a ‘reading book’, many children, particularly in Year 4 as they reach the end of the reading scheme, just have a ‘book’. This might be from the school library, the classroom or from home. As a result the children are required to develop skills in choosing their own books. Many children need some support at this crucial stage as the range of books available can be daunting. This term, we will be focussing on how to choose books and authors; identifying the style of different authors so the children have an idea which books to try, and being open to trying new authors.

Our aim is to encourage a love of books and reading for enjoyment and information.

We would encourage all parents to read with their child for a short time each evening. Even fluent readers benefit from reading aloud to an adult. Please sign in the Planner when you have read with your child or they have read independently. We are interested in children’s book choices and are happy for books from home to be recorded in the Reading Record. Please remember that it is more important that a child understands and enjoys a book rather than ensuring they get to the end of the story in one sitting – little and often can be more successful with some children. If they are reluctant to read, you could take turns reading lines and encourage the use of ‘voices’ for the characters.

Library days are Thursday for Year 3 and Tuesday for Year 4.

Top Tips for Reading

Recommended Reading

Homework & Spellings

Following the success of the homework menu, last term we changed the maths homework to focus on a half termly objective. The children were then assessed on these objectives at the end of each half term. We have found this useful in communicating to parents the ‘building blocks’ of maths which are so important and benefit from repeated practice. If you wish to give us any feedback on this new approach, please get in touch.

We continue to thank all parents for their support in ensuring homework and maths practice are completed, and the books handed in on time; it makes a real difference to the positive image children have about their work and achievements in school. All homework is relevant to the curriculum and the children always receive feedback.

Please remember to sign and date the homework menu as well as the spelling menu to show which activities have been completed.

Year 3

Wednesday: Children will receive a list of spellings to practise and learn at home ready for a test on the following Monday.

Friday: Homework books are given out, to be returned on the following Wednesday

Year 4

Tuesday: Children will receive a list of spellings to practise and learn at home ready for a test on the following Monday.

Friday: Homework books are given out, to be returned on the following Wednesday.

As the children progress through school, we work on developing their skills of organisation and independence. The vast majority of Year 3 and 4 children understand their homework instructions and bring their books back on time. Well done to the children and thank you again to the parents.


Year 3 have started swimming on Wednesdays. Please help us by making sure that girls do not wear tights on a Thursday, no jewellery is worn and that hair is securely tied back.
Year 3 PE: Friday (gym and athletics)

Year 4 PE : Wednesday (games/athletics) and Thursday(dance / gym)

PE may be indoors or outdoors and we expect children to have their full kit as detailed in the planner. We recommend that PE kit is brought to school on a Monday and then left in the locker until it is taken home on Friday.

Earrings have to be removed for PE. If your child cannot remove their own earrings, please can they not wear them on PE days. If their ears have only recently been pierced, and therefore the earrings cannot be removed, please can your child bring some medical tape to cover them during PE sessions?

Forest Schools

Year 3 will be working in the forest every Monday afternoon starting on the 15th May. Year 4 sessions will resume after half term.


Year 3 class assembly is on 26.5.17.

Year 4 class assembly is on 19.5.17.

We hope you will be able to join us at 2:45pm.


If we are lucky enough to get some warm, sunny weather, please can all children bring a hat / cap and a water bottle to school. Please apply any suncream to your child before school starts.

If the children wish to bring small outdoor toys (plastic dinosaurs, cars, small figures – nothing expensive or too precious) to play with on the grass, please ensure they are in a named bag and kept in the child’s locker. Toys are not to be brought into the classroom.

There is no official parents evening this term, but if you wish to see us about any aspect of your child’s life in school please pop in at the end of the school day, make an appointment via the planner or contact

  suzie.mckenna@york.gov.uk   or  mary.mccormack@york.gov.uk 

Remember you can also keep up to date with what is happening in school on Facebook and Twitter.

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