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We hope you find the following information useful. If you have any questions or comments, please email mark2.richards@york.gov.uk

Summer Term

We hope you all had a lovely Easter holiday and that this term we can look forward to some sunny weather when the children can make full use of our wonderful school grounds and forest area. We would like to welcome Mr. Richard Robinson to the UKS2 team and we are all looking forward to enjoying a great Summer Term together. We have planned some challenging and enjoyable activities and expect that the children will, with your support, continue to build on their achievements and enjoy success in school.

Year 6 SATs

The SATs are taking place for Year 6 from Monday 8th May to Thursday 11th May. This is the programme:

Monday: English Reading Test   

Tuesday: Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Test

Wednesday: Mathematics 1

Thursday: Mathematics 1 & 2

The rest of Key stage 2 will also be formally assessed in English and maths over the term.

The Curriculum

This term our topic will be based on the Ancient Egyptians. We shall be immersing ourselves in the Ancient Egyptian culture and learning about the physical and human geography of Egypt; we will be looking into the history of the Egyptian Empire; the art and culture and what Egypt is like today.

Our science will be focused on ‘Light’ and ‘Living Things and Habitats’. In art and DT, we will be working on masks, linked to Ancient Egypt, as well as papier mâché and model making. In computing Year 5 will be coding and looking into multimedia presentations. Year 6 will be looking at blogging and multimedia presentations and editing. In RE we will be thinking about ‘Why some people believe God exists’ and Year 6 will also be working on transition to Y7 in PSHE. We will also continue to have a weekly singing assembly with Mrs Newton.

Curriculum Overview Summer 2017

English and maths are core subjects which are tested at Year 2 and Year 6. Use the following links to find out more.

‘How can I help my child?’

Written Maths Methods Year 5

Written Maths Methods Year 6

Progression Booklets

Y5 Maths Y6 Maths
Y5 Reading Y6 Reading
Y5 Writing & SPaG Y6 Writing & SPaG


The Primary National Curriculum

English in the National Curriculum – Spelling

English in the National Curriculum – Vocabulary, Grammar & Punctuation

Information on KS1 & KS2 SATs 2016


Our aim is to encourage a love of books and reading for enjoyment and finding out information. Therefore, children read most days at school. We would also encourage all children to read each evening and all parents to read with their child as often as possible. Even fluent readers benefit from reading aloud to an adult.

All children have a Reading Journal and we would be grateful if you could date whenever your child reads with you and note how they are getting on with their books. Please remember that it is more important that a child understands and enjoys the book rather than ensuring they get to the end of the story quickly – little and often can often be more successful.

Top Tips for Reading

Recommended Reading Year 5

Recommended Reading Year 6


We thank all parents/carers for their support in ensuring homework is completed and handed in on time. Children make the most progress at school when they feel the school and their families are working together. All homework will be relevant to work in school and the children will always receive feedback.

Monday: All children will receive a list of spellings to practise and learn at home ready for a test on Friday. Please sign their spelling homework and enable them to bring their book into school on Fridays.

Wednesday: Maths homework to be handed in on the following Monday. This may be in books, sheets, a task or Mathletics.

Wednesday: Learning Journals are for more open ended and independent homework.  This will usually be based on science or geography/history. The children, as through the rest of the year, will choose from the Homework Menu and produce one task per week. We encourage the children to be proactive, independent and creative in their ideas and presentation.

This is in addition to reading, which we expect the children to do for a short time every night – please check your child’s Reading Journal regularly.

Tables and mental maths activities are also very important, so practice at home is really beneficial.


Years 5&6 PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Year 6 will be finishing off their work on volleyball and moving onto cricket as well as refining their skills in gym. Year 5 will also be working on their gymnastics and cricket skills.

Both classes will have the opportunity to work with a PE Specialist (Mr Bill Davis – who worked with Ys 3&4 in the Spring term) provided to us by the York Sports Partnership. Mr Davis will be working on the children’s athletics skills after half term.

PE may be indoors or outdoors and we expect children to have their full kit, as detailed in their planner, throughout the week.

 Relationship & Sex Education

Years 5&6 will start their learning after the half term holiday.

If you have any questions or queries please feel free to contact Mr Richards  or pop in and speak with us. Alternatively, visit the school website (Our School – Key Information – Policies – Relationships & Sex Education).

Also, we will endeavour to ask a professional to talk with the children about hygiene and a new mum to talk about the development of her newborn child.   

Science & Outdoor Learning

Science Week will be held from 6th – 9th June and there is an Outdoor Learning Week from 3rd – 7th July.  All classes will undertake science activities that are investigative, fun and apply science to real life during the former. 


Year 5 class assembly is on Friday 16th June

Year 6 Leavers Assembly  is on Friday 21st July

There are no official parents evenings this term, but if you wish to see us about any aspect of your child’s life in school, please pop in at the end of the school day, make an appointment via the planner or email to:



Remember you can also keep up to date with what is happening in school on Facebook and Twitter.

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