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Celebrating 20 Years

Mrs Powley has been the Headteacher at

Lord Deramore's Primary School for 20 Years.

The whole school community managed to

keep our planned celebrations a surprise!


We sang specially written song words,

before school, out on the playground.

The PTA presented Mrs Powley with flowers.

The hall was decorated with Moomins, one

of Mrs Powley's favourite childhood characters,

and the School Council performed an acrostic poem.


We gave Mrs Powley 20 gifts -

one for each year.

We started with some 'Moomin' items and colouring book.

There was also her favourite music CD . . .

a clock to help her be on time for meetings, along

with a sign for her office in the new school building.


a framed copy of the special song words . . .
as well as the secretly made recording!
There were several very useful books . . .

and useful clothing.

Boots and socks for going out onto the muddy field . . .


as well as items to keep her safe on the construction site!


An old staff photograph from a long time ago,

as well as a tree to plant in the school grounds.

a new lunch bag and mug . . .
a gift from the staff . . .
and finally, a special cake made by Mrs Bradley.

After school, the next day, was another

secretly planned surprise! A 'Tea Party' with the

Governors and many former members of staff.


There were speeches - and more flowers!


Mrs Powley also had a shock when

The Press came to take a photograph.

Congratulations from us all, Mrs Powley.

We hope you enjoyed your special day!