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Above and Below

In Early Years we are continuing our topic Above and Below by exploring Space.


These boys have made space ships

from Star Wars using the Kid K’Nex.

Some of the children have been making books about space using photos of planets, rockets and other space things and using the sounds they have learnt in phonics to write in their books.
These girls are making telescopes and planets using recycled boxes and paper plates.

Where would you go in our rocket? These girls went to the sun and saw

raspberry jelly and an alien in a rocket. It was very hot near the sun!

Our phonics is very useful for spelling words so we can write labels for our pictures.

This rocket was made using the

bricks in the construction area.



But we also use the crates and other

building things to make big rockets outside.

Space writing !
This rocket is on the wall in the classroom - come and see it !
Even with all our space work going on, we still find time to do other things.
Making a trap to catch the bad guys.
Keeping score in a target game. The boys wrote lots of numbers, even big numbers like 100 and 900.

A poster for a lost cat that we

could see in the Forest area.


Exploring models that spin.


We are very busy in Early Years!