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Art and Culture Week

During Art and Culture week we focused on the countries involved in the Comenius Project.

We hope to develop a colourful display in the school hall for everyone to enjoy.

You can see more about the Comenius Project HERE.


We looked at the Turkish spoons Mr Longmore and

Miss McCormack made on their trip to Turkey. 

We designed our own ‘Turkish Spoons’ by drawing patterns and pictures.

Our designs included flowers, trees and animals as well as

colourful patterns.

The Early Years children worked hard using felt tipped pens.
In Year 1 they used paint to put very detailed Aboriginal style patterns on their spoons.
These are some of the wonderful designs created by Year 2.

In Year 2 the focus was on Turkey. They tried some Turkish foods.


All the children tried a sample of every type of food.


Some of us discovered new things

we liked!

Year 2 also looked at traditional Ottoman tile patterns. They created their own designs by cutting paper.

There was more paper cutting in Year 4.

They looked at Polish Folk Art to make these amazing symmetrical floral designs.


These two are by Jemima and Yilin.