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Arts and Culture Week January 2011

For a week at the end of January everyone in school focused on 'The Arts', with their activities based on 'Traditional Stories' from around the world.

On the final day some children worked in mixed age groups, working

on an art activity for the whole day. We then had a school 'Culture Day', celebrating our Multicultural Diversity, and holding an assembly to admire all our amazing art work and colourful costumes.

Follow this link to take a look . . . .           Culture Day January 2011



Early Years were visited by Mrs Hick who told them about the time she spent, as a child, living with Inuits.

Follow the link below to find out more.

Mrs Hick and the Inuits

The Early Years children also created their own Inuit pictures in ICT, using 2Simple drawing software.



Year 1 built an impressive, brightly coloured, Native American Totem Pole

as a whole class project.


In Year 2 they had to work very accurately to create their paintings based on

Aboriginal Art designs.


Year 3 had a VERY busy week looking at

Chinese customs and stories.

They made dragons . . .


created their own designs on plates, based on the 'Willow Pattern' . . .


and had great fun trying to eat traditional Chinese Dumplings, kindly made by a parent, with chopsticks!

Year 4 learned about the Russian art of Palekh Painting.

They made black boxes and tried to

re-create the bright colours and laquered finish.



They also read stories by Alexander Pushkin and wrote their own versions in a similar style. These are now in the school library for everyone to enjoy.

Greek Myths were the topic in Year 5.

They used images from these and

traditional patterns in their very detailed

Greek Vase designs.



Year 6 performed a version of

'Theseus and the Minotaur'

for their class assembly.

Some of the activities on the final day were . . .
Inca art designs, using detailed geometric patterns and traditional 'Earthy' colours, before adding picture images. . .
Mythical Creatures made from clay . . .

and Abstract Paintings based on the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.




We followed all this amazing work by having a whole school 'Culture Day'.

Follow this link to take a look . . . .           Culture Day January 2011