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Australian Exchange Project 2012

Miss Dickenson successfully gained a place on a British Council exchange programme to Australia.

She left the UK in January and headed for Broken Hill, New South Wales.

Meanwhile Miss Abberfield left the Australian summer behind to join our school in Heslington, York.

Both ladies have travelled more than 10,500 miles to exchange lives and learn about

culture and traditions on opposite sides of the World.

Take a look below at some of the new experiences - and differences - they have already discovered.


  Miss Dickenson had to get used to driving a much bigger vehicle. . .


. . . and get used to empty roads!


There were also some unusual

house guests to meet - like this

cricket and a praying mantis!


There are wide open spaces -

and a lot of sheep.


The heat of the Australian summer (37°)

took some adjusting to.

Here is her new school where she has enjoyed meeting new children.


Meanwhile Miss Abberfield

has been getting used to living

in a home with stairs . . .

. . . and scraping ice from the car!


She has been experiencing snow and created her very first snow angel

as well as having fun sledging . . . and falling off!


I hope she enjoys exploring our

beautiful historic city.