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Autumn Term 2013

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we have

shared and enjoyed in school during the Autumn 2013 term.


Why are all these visitors in the school hall?


Find out HERE.


I am sure that you will all recognise this VERY

special visitor that came to the Pre-school party !

See Early Years at their first school party HERE.

What are Years 3 & 4 doing?


You can find the answer HERE.

Find out what Year 6 are making HERE.

What have the Early Years children found in the forest?


Find out HERE.


Santa has had lots of requests for castles this year, so Year 1 have been busy helping.


They built castles and counted how many of each 3d shape Santa needed for their castle


Each class in school has made

a different Christmas card design.


Here are Year 3 carefully assembling theirs.

Year 6 used origami to create their special cards.

Look what Year 1 have been doing!


They  made the bulb light

up by making a full circuit.


Find out how Year 3 made their

Victorian style calendars HERE.


Year 3 created some festive repeating patterns

in their maths lesson. As well as these snowmen

there were Christmas trees, reindeer and penguins!


Key Stage 2 sang their hearts out during their dress rehearsal

for their Christmas production of Baboushka.


Both they and the audience (KS1) thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

Find out what the Early Years children are doing in the forest HERE.

Years 3 & 4 dressed up for a Victorian Day

where they took part in Victorian Christmas activities.


You can take a look at some of the things they enjoyed HERE.

Lots of adults in school have been busy creating something unique and very special in the school hall . . .

Here are members of Y2 enjoying an interactive story telling session with

Y6 librarians during lunchtime Story Club.


Year 1 have been making an alphabet of things they could choose from when

playing a game of ‘I spy’ in the forest.

Can you think of anything for q or v or y?


It’s time to Celebrate!


Find out more HERE.


In P.E. Year 1 have working with a partner to create balances using just hands and feet.


Look at the different shapes we made!


In school we have a group of 'Digital Leaders'.

Click HERE to find out what they do.

You can see some pictures of the Tu-Tu Funky dancers in action HERE.

Thank you everyone.


We wore spotty clothes and raised over £270 for Children in Need.


As part of their World War II Topic, Years 5 and 6 have been working together in teams to organise a VE Celebration Day. They’re planning absolutely everything; here we can see groups preparing bunting to decorate the hall, making indoor games which were played during the 1940s and re-recording speeches made during war time.


Where are these members of Year 6?


You can Find out HERE.


In Early Years we enjoy building.  When we have built our models,

we use our camera to take a photo of what we have made.

Here are some of the fantastic models and

photographs by the children in Early Years


Year 1 went on a bear hunt in their class assembly.

They composed sound effects and chose instruments.

They showed their artwork.

Each group acted out part of the story.

Guess what they found in the cave?


The School Council organised a competition to

design a poster to advertise the book fair.


Then they chose the winners. Thank you School Council.

Find out about the houses that Year 2 live in HERE.

Year 5 made personalised lanterns for each child in Year 1 for St Martin’s Day - a festival to mark the beginning of the harvest which is celebrated  in many parts of Europe. In Germany, the nights before and on the night of November 11, children walk in processions carrying lanterns made in school. Usually, the walk starts at a church and goes to a public square. When they reach the square, Martin’s bonfire is lit and Martin’s pretzels are distributed. 

The children in Year 1 were given glow

sticks to put in their lanterns when it gets dark.


In science Year 4 investigated whether

the shape of an object affected the time

it took to sink to the bottom of the water.


Year 4 enjoy their weekly

violin lesson with Mrs Martin.


Year 1 have been sewing in the forest.


We sewed the leaves to the

twigs to make scarves for trees!


What is happening in the forest?


Find out HERE.


This half term, Year 4 have been learning

about children in Victorian times. 

In our Class Assembly we showed what

life was like for children who worked

in mines, factories, as servants and

those who to had live in workhouses.

Well done Year 4!


Years 5 & 6 were dressed as evacuees

for their visit to Eden Camp as part of

their topic work on World War II.


Year 1 have been writing cards.

Then they went to post them.

Who will receive one? When will they arrive?

Did they put the correct address on?

Find out what Year 2 have created HERE.

What are the Early Years children doing?


Find out HERE.


Year 1 have been learning

all about repeating patterns.

The children made house

patterns that repeated.


We played pattern bingo too.

Take a look at Early Years exploring colours HERE.
In P.E. Year 1 took it in turns to make a repeating pattern round the circle – stand up, sit down, stand up…. Then we worked with a partner to make a repeating pattern of movements and taught it to each other.

Years 3 & 4 are enjoying their baking sessions this term with Mrs Bradley.


This week they made some super scones!  Yum!


In science this term, Year 4 are investigating forces and friction. This week we looked at the forces acting on a jelly cube when we picked it up with chop sticks.

We then added some cooking oil to reduce the friction. The result: a slippy situation!


Year 4 spent an afternoon taking part in a football

tournament at Archbishop’s Holgate School.

They were the winners of two out of the three leagues!

It was lots of fun! Well done Year 4!


Year 1 have been learning about body parts.

They played 'Simon Says' and had to find different body parts such as their ankle,

elbow, wrist and the palm of their hand.

They used straws to make

pictures of their skeletons.

Year 4 experimented with force and measured in Newtons, using a force metre.

Year 4 have been sketching in the forest school

to make William Morris inspired art work

Find out where Year 6 are HERE.

Year 2 have been learning about The Tiger Who Came to Tea. 

We have been left a toy tiger who will be coming home for tea with us. 

Can you spot him in our class photograph?


Everyone enjoyed the Year 5 Class Assembly.

They gave a presentation of 'The Sneeches' by Dr Seuss. They linked this to the words;

prejudice, discrimination, intolerance, injustice and violations of human rights, which they have been thinking about during their topic work on World War II.


Year 2 have started learning about instructions.

  We had to give instructions to our partner so that they could build the same model as us. 

To follow the instructions we had to listen really carefully and ask questions when we weren’t sure what to do.


In Early Years we have been looking at leaves. 

We looked for leaves on the forest floor and 

we worked out which tree they were from by

looking at the shape and size of the leaf.

Then we looked at leaf identification pictures to

find the names of the trees – it was quite tricky .


One of the leaves we found was from an

oak tree. We found 2 oak trees in the forest

and there are others around school.


We listened to a story about

Autumn leaves and noticed that lots

of the leaves were different colours.

 We found some leaves, sorted them into colour groups, then used the leaves to make pictures.


Well done Year 3! We learnt a lot about life in Victorian Times during your Class Assembly .


Do you know who this character is, painted by Early Years?


Find out if you are right HERE.


Year 5 found eleven different ways to make the net for a cube.


We have been busy in Early Years this week.


Take a look at some of our activities HERE.


Year 1 have been learning how to use a control program on the computer.

Some children made the rocket visit different planets and others drove the car around the track without skidding off!


What are Year 6 busy making?


Find out HERE.


Years 3 & 4 went to the Castle Museum to find out

what life was like for children in Victorian times.


You can see some of the things they did HERE.


Year 4 experienced life in a Victorian workhouse by

picking oakum and trying gruel.


Year 1 have been building tiny dens to encourage minibeasts to make their homes in the forest. They made soft layers to encourage minibeasts to hibernate and lay their eggs.

Mrs Powley enjoyed her visit to Early Years!

This week Early Years went in the Forest School for the first time.


Find out what they did HERE.


Year 2 spent an afternoon exploring

the forest for living things. 

We thought about where to look for living things – under logs, in the air, in the grass,

on the trunks of trees – and then went on a hunt.

We found all kinds of fascinating creatures, like millipedes and shield bugs, and saw different plants and mushrooms growing in different areas of the forest.

In Year 4, our class book is ‘Street Child’ about a Victorian boy Jim, who is sent to the workhouse.

In literacy we used a ‘conscience alley’

to help Jim decide whether he will

escape from the workhouse.   

We also experienced life as a domestic servant, like Jim’s sisters.


Children and staff took part in

Jeans for Genes day on Friday.


We raised over £150. Well done everyone!


Year 2 have been thinking about their favourite places in school.  After we did a walk

around school we went to the ICT suite to create pictures of our favourite parts. 

We used the mosaic tool in 2Simple. Here are some of our pictures.

by Ariadne
by Erven
by Mateo

Year 3 made catapults to investigate

whether the amount of force applied

affected the distance the foil ball travelled.


Year 1 have been practising

writing their numbers 1 to 10 correctly.


In the forest they used sticks

to make the numbers.


Year 2 have been reading The Tiger Who Came to Tea. We have been describing the tiger and actingout the story in small groups.  Next we are going to make pictures

of the tiger having tea.


Year 5 have been investigating static electricity.


They negatively charged a balloon and observed which things were positively charged - their hair!


Year 1 lost Squawk, their parrot.

They made posters and put them around school.


Mr Giles saw Alisha’s poster and found

Squawk hiding in the fruit box!


Year 3 went into the forest to create a scene

from the book 'Fantastic Mr Fox'.

They drew a map to locate the farmers' homes, underground tunnels and where

Mr Fox lived.


Year 1 have been looking for living

things in the forest.


Here they are recording their findings.


In science, Year 3 made spinners.


They investigated whether the weight

of the spinner affected the time that it

took to reach the floor.


Year 6 , who are learning about World War II,

came in to an ongoing air raid after lunch.


They were quick to put on their gas masks and take cover.

As part of our Victorian theme in Year 4, we have been learning about Victorian child workers.

We re-created scenes inside a Victorian mill, experienced life as trapper down the dark mine and tried to fit inside a chimney which was only nine square inches!


Year 2 have been thinking about their favourite

places in school.  They have done some writing to explain where they like in school and then they have worked hard in ICT to produce some

fantastic pictures of their favourite place.


Year 6 enjoyed their first choral practice with Mrs Molly Newton,

a music consultant, who works with many schools across York.


To start their topic on World War II, Years 5 & 6

made gas masks. During the day they have to

listen for the air raid siren. When it sounds, they

have to put their gas masks on and take shelter under the tables until they hear the

all clear.

Year 1 went for a walk and found two teddies lost in the woods!

They brought them into school to look after.

The children have been making up stories to

explain how they came to be in the woods.