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Autumn Term 2014

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Autumn 2014 term .


Key Stage 1 and Early Years

enjoyed performing

Baa, Baa Bethlehem

for their family and friends.


Key Stage 2 hope you enjoyed the

presentation of 'The Christmas Day Truce'

and the carols they sang.

Well done everyone!


Year 5 went to Fulford School to recreate the Christmas Truce of 1914.  They took part in the ceremony by singing ‘Silent Night’ in German and watched Fulford Pupils play football before having a go themselves. Thank you Fulford School for a great event!


Year 4 travelled back in time to 1916 and held a parliamentary style debate. 

They argued for and against women being given the vote and discussed

whether a conscientious objector should be sent to fight. 

After some excellent arguments, they voted and decided that women should be given the vote and our conscientious objector was exempted from serving in the army. 

Well done to Madam Speaker for keeping order!


Year 3 had to concentrate

when they were learning to knit!


Thank you to all the adults

who came in to help us.


Where are Years 3 & 4 and what are they doing?

Find out HERE.


Year 6 have been investigating the properties of 2d and 3d shapes. They have also investigated nets using Polydron and have used what they have learnt about nets, and drawing accurately with a protractor, to create their Christmas decorations for the hall.


Year 1 have been busy learning all about split digraphs in their phonic lessons and using the Numicon to help them find all the number bonds for 10.


100 Years Ago . . .

See some of our amazing activities HERE.


Year One proudly presented their class assembly on the theme of ‘Now & Then’.

They showed their paintings of themselves.

All the children performed a poem and sang songs about time. Some children read out their writing about memories.

The class also acted out school life from 100 years ago. They told everyone about the Dunce’s cap, pretended to do drill and did as we were told for our very strict teacher!


Well done boys - they raised £137

for Heslington Scout Group with

their sell out cake stall!

Thank you to everyone who

bought and donated cakes.


In their Class Assembly Year 3 treated us to a WW1 song as well as lots of WW1 information in their presentations and their fantastic literacy work.

Well done Year3!

Find out what is happening in the forest HERE.

Year 1 had fun using natural materials to make fireworks. Look for a sparkler.

Can you see the Catherine wheel?


Year 6 visited Archbishop Holgate’s School to take part in their musical celebration. The children sang ‘Shine’ by Take That and ‘Almost There’ from the Frog Princess. They sang beautifully and really stunned the crowd with their exceptional voices. Have a listen.

Well done Year 6!


What have Year 4 been doing?

Take a look HERE.


The Year 5 and 6’s had a day devoted to learning about Diwali and the Hindu faith. We learnt the basics about the religion and had a go at art work such as Rangoli and Mehndi patterns. We also made Diva lamps; used atlases to find India and look the major cities, surrounding countries and seas; tasted some Indian style food and read some traditional Indian stories.

The children also now all know the story of Rama and Sita, from which the festival was born. We wish everybody a happy Diwali!

(Thursday 23rd October)


Years 3 & 4 enjoyed an afternoon exploring Physical Theatre with a visiting drama specialist. We used our bodies in different ways and moulded our partners like clay.


Year 6 had fun reliving their time at Robinwood during their class assembly.

We heard some wonderful recounts and watched some great drama unfold.

We also gave out some prizes, the winners were -

Team Players: Edward L, Cliona, Seb & Alix. Meeting the Challenge: Mattia & Megan.

Best Diary: Lorenzo & Freddie. Diary Runner Up: Joe O & Melissa.


Fliss from MEG music visited KS1 on Thursday and taught us all about call and response, pitch and dynamics. We had great fun especially using our voices as instruments in a Bubble Gum Man story!


Year 1 have been busy in the forest.

First they had to write to Billy Bear but

Mrs Pye forgot the pencils!

The children solved the problem by making their own ink using natural woodland materials.


In another session Year 1 learnt about hibernation and made hibernation dens for hedgehogs. They were amazing! Some even had different rooms.


Year 2 enjoyed the Cross Country

event they took part in at

Archbishop Holgate's School.


As a class, Year 5 have studied 'War Horse' by Michael Morpurgo

as well as the poem 'War Horse' by Brenda Williams.

This model was made by Hetty, Year 5, as a homework activity.


In the first Class Assembly of the year, Year 5 performed Archie Dobson's War, based on WW1. They all had a part to play and their drama was amazing.

Very well done Year 5!


For National Poetry Day each class in Key Stages 1 and 2 learned a poem by memory, to perform with actions, as part of our Talk for Writing work. 

The performances were fantastic and we look forward to seeing the writing produced by each class over the next few weeks.


Year 4 have been investigating the size of shadows. We had already found out that opaque materials make the best shadows and that shadows are the same shape as the object which is blocking the light.

However, we did notice that the size of shadows can change, so we set up an investigation to find out more. We found that if the object moved nearer the light source, the shadow became larger and if we moved the object away from the light source, it became smaller.

Year 3 are enjoying their weekly music sessions with Mrs Merriam.

Year 1 have been looking at our school building and making drawings of the different parts. We counted four chimneys and noticed the bell tower.


Year 1 have been making tree pictures from natural materials.

They had to write labels to identify the main parts of the tree.


Year 6 have been experimenting with parachutes. How do certain variables effect how a parachute drops?

Some children changed the surface area of the parachute, others the weight of the object attached to the parachute. Having made predictions and gathered data, the children then made conclusions using their knowledge of forces.


We have a Craft Club that meets

once a week during the lunch break.


Take a look at some of the wonderful things they make HERE.


Year 2 have been doing lots of learning about The Tiger Who Came To Tea in literacy.  We have been using Talk for Writing to learn parts of the text off by heart to help us with writing our own story.  Here are Year 2 telling the story to their partners using actions and a story map to help them.


Year 2 have been enjoying reading stories with familiar settings and

non-fiction books about houses and homes in our new reading corner.


Years 3 & 4 used photographs of Heslington Village taken 100 years ago and tried to identify the buildings, paying particular attention to what changes there had been since the pictures were taken.

Year 6 went to Archbishop Holgate’s School to take place in a Tag-Rugby tournament. All the teams came away with a win and scored lots of tries, representing the school really well.

Good job Year 6!

Year 5 are studying forces and have been investigating how the surface area of a piece of paper affects how quickly it falls and which forces were involved.

In gymnastics Year 5 are working in pairs to

create their own sequences of point balances.


In Year 4 we investigated the causes

of World War One using drama

(and beards!).  We found out about some of the main events leading up to the war and thought about what we would do if we were in charge in 1914.  Can you work out who we are and what we’re doing?


Year 1 have been on a rescue

mission to find a lost bear!

They knew that he was in the forest.

The only clue was a leaf we found.

The children matched up the leaf to

the correct tree ad found him!

Here is our new friend Billy.


Years 5 & 6 all ‘volunteered’ to represent King and Country on the

Western Front.  They decided to reinforce the barbed wire defences

on the top of their trenches with stones before trying to find somewhere

reasonably dry and comfortable to catch 40 winks.



As part of our whole school topic, looking at life and events a hundred

years ago, Years 5 & 6 have been learning about the events leading

up to the outbreak of WW1.  Here, they are all journalists making notes

as the Allied and Central Powers began line up against each other.