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Autumn Term 2015

On this page you can see some of the activities and work that we

have shared and enjoyed in school during the Autumn 2015 term .


Mr Alfred Colley, former Headmaster of Heslington (Lord Deramore's)VC Primary School, passed away peacefully on Friday 30th October, aged 98.

We have Mr Colley to thank for developing our lovely grounds, planting some beautiful trees and for being a pioneer of the creative curriculum we are so proud of at Lord Deramore's. He knew all his children and their families and inspired me, as a newly appointed Headteacher in 1996, to promote values, child centred learning and a love of school.

                                                                        Sheena Powley


Year 3 had fun decorating the gingerbread Christmas trees that

they had made with Mrs Bradley.


Year 1 designed and built rockets to take Baby Bear to the moon.

Then they drew and labelled them using the correct vocabulary.


Year 4 worked hard on their cross stitch designs to produce some wonderful Christmas cards!


Year 6 were learning the etymology of words in the English language. Each pair were given a family name plus a list of words from the family’s culture. Then they had to make sure they were experts in their understanding of these words before searching the rest of the ‘street’ for all the other words in their house, finding out where they came from and what they meant.


As we draw towards the end of our Ancient Greece topic Year 5&6 had an afternoon full of Greek craft, writing and tasting. We made our very own olive leaf wreaths (like the true champions we are!); tasted food from Greece such as: olives, tzatziki, houmous, pitta bread and feta cheese; and create our own Greek theatre masks.  We also explored the Greek alphabet and learnt a bit more about Greek words, using suffixes and prefixes.


Year 1 have been learning their number bonds for 10 and 20.

They played games and wrote all the number pairs for 10 and then 20.


Our school hall is ready for Christmas!

Every child in school has made a large decoration as well as one for our tree.

Which did your class make?

See the amazing dancers from Tu-Tu Funky HERE.

Every week in EY we go in to the forest. Sage and Onion, the forest elves, leave us little jobs to do. This week they left a trail of Gingerbread Men for us to find.  Each Gingerbread Man had a number on it between 1 and 20.  We worked in pairs to find the Gingerbread Man and ticked off the numbers on our sheets.


YoYo came in to lead an ‘It’s Your Christmas’ assembly and lessons in Years 1 & 4. We saw a very interesting assembly about why the first Christmas was all inside out – lots of things happened that didn’t normally happen.  We learnt a song with some actions which we sang really well.


Myriam from the Children’s Heart Surgery Fund (Leeds) visited us to talk about the purpose of the charity. She showed us all the different ways that the money raised will be spent.

She brought Katie Bear with her

- the CHSF mascot!


Year 5 visited Archbishop Holgate's School to take part in a morning of English activities. These included: drama workshops, drama games and persuasive writing. Year 5 were asked to invent their own chocolate bar and think of catchy slogans to market it; they had wonderful ideas.

Watch out Rowntrees!



Donations for 'Pudsey's Pansies' have raised £253.21 for

BBC Children In Need.

Well done!


Find out who this visitor is HERE.

Here are some of the completed Roman style mosaics made by Year 4 using dried beans and pulses.

I think you will agree that they look amazing! Well done Year 4!


Do you recognise where Years 5 & 6 are?


Find out HERE.

During Maths Week Year 3 have been working on multiplication. They made multilink cards and Roman games.

Years 1 & 2 watched a puppet show that told the story of Diwali. 

Then we found out about how Diwali is celebrated.  We went outside to draw Rangoli patterns on the ground, using coloured chalk.


Year 5 have been making weight dominoes as well as designing boxes, using a net, to store them in.


Year 6 visited Archbishop Holgate’s School to take part in the annual Sportshall athletics event. They made a stunning start by winning 3 of the 8 track races and finished the competition in 2nd place.

Well done Year 6!


Year 1 have used 2d shapes to design rockets for Baby Bear to use to travel to the moon.


Mrs Weston, a science teacher at Archbishop Holgate's School, came into Year 5 to show us some ‘Smart Materials’ These included: hydrogel, temperature sensitive plastic and UV sensitive beads.


As part of their Greek topic, Year 5 & 6 were lucky enough to have a talk from Mrs Morys , a parent, from Greece. They learned about the geography of Greece, culture and customs. They were particularly excited to learn about Greek Name Days - Year 5 would love to have them too!


Year 5 investigated different shapes to make their own top trump cards.

They found the number of sides, edges lines of symmetry and largest internal angles.


Years 5 and 6 took part in a drama workshop with the Helen O’Grady Drama Academy.  They played fun drama games and even created a play set on a train.


Year 1 have been  solving puzzles using dominoes. They had to make a domino lorry that totalled 10.

Everyone played Snakes & Ladders and then made their own game board.

Take a look at some animations created by Year 2 HERE.

In Maths Week Year 1 completed a domino challenge in the forest.

They had to find a domino with spots totalling 1 to 12. Then they recorded on their sheet.


Year 4 are making mosaic style

designs using dried beans and pulses.

They have to work very carefully.

We hope to show you some more photographs when they are finished.


For their homework, Years 3 &4 were asked to design a times tables hat.

There lots of very clever ideas as you can see in our hat parade.


Year 1 have been talking about how they celebrate birthdays.

They had a party for Squawk who was one. First they had to make sandwiches and then they enjoyed sharing the birthday cake!


Year 3 enjoyed making 3D shapes.

They had to count how many

faces, vertices and edges they had.

We had a lot of very creative - and spooky - pumpkins on display in our forest before half term!

There were some amazing, spooky entries in the

PTA Halloween Bake Off this year.

Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to everyone who

supported this event by buying the gruesome goodies at the bake sale.


Year 5 have been enjoying music lessons with Mrs Newton.

They sound fantastic so far.

Listen out for them in our Christmas performance!


There was a lively debate in Year 5 about whether Athens or Sparta were the best city states in ancient Greece.

Well done to our speakers

for keeping order!


Year 5 worked hard to create their own mythological creatures from clay to use in their very own Greek myths.


Year 1 have been busy making Autumn forest scents.

They had to mix natural ingredients with water.  They then had to write a list of ingredients so that Ed could make a perfume too.


Today some of the Year 5 children helped with

harvesting some of the crops planted in Spring.

They gathered some superb looking carrots!


To celebrate National Poetry Day, each class in school learned a poem on the theme of light using talk for writing techniques.  Then, on Friday, we shared the poems with the whole school in a special assembly.  

We had a great time listening to each other’s poems.


Year 2 continued their Autumn adventures with another forest school session.  We explored a different part of the field and found new signs of Autumn to add to our display.


Year 6 faced challenges, overcame fears, worked as a team and had a great time on their residential visit to Robinwood.


What are Years 3 & 4 doing?

Find out HERE.

The Roman Mosaic pictures created by Year 4 make a colourful display.

Year 2 went on an Autumn hunt in the school grounds.  We found seeds and leaves on the ground that showed up autumn has begun and used these to make a display in our room.  We also examined the leaves that were still on the trees to look for signs of Autumn. 

Next, we are going to write a recount all about our Autumn hunt.


Year 1 have been using the correct coins to pay for items in their farm shop. They took turns to be the shopkeeper.


The Jewish Feast of the Tabernacles started on 29th September this year. This is when Jewish people remember the 40 years their ancestors were travelling in the wilderness and had to build shelters (sukkah) to survive.

We built our own sukkah in assembly and gave

thanks that we have comfortable homes to live in.


Year 3 made 'Angle Eaters'.

They used them to find

right angles in the classroom.


Year 4 had to work very accurately when they created the border for

their Roman mosaic pictures.


The Autumn pictures created by

Year 3 look lovely displayed in

their classroom window.


The staff in school have been

busy practising their 1st Aid skills!


The jobs of a teaching assistant are many and varied …

Here is Mrs King making sure the light was just

right while we had our photographs taken!


We enjoyed the performance of

'The Railway Children'

given by M&M Productions.


Year 4 have been imagining that they are Roman soldiers, planning to make a catapult in order to attack the Celtic forts.

First, they needed to find out about levers.

We used lolly sticks and a pencil to fire Cheerios across the classroom.

We found out that the lever was most successful when the pencil fulcrum was furthest away from the Cheerio.


Year 5 had fun learning about place value.

Can you spot the integer, the decimal point,

the two tenths (a pair of shoes!)

and the seven hundredths. (stickers galore!)


Well done to this family from our school community.

They took part in the 'Bubble Rush' 5k run at York Knavesmire,

in aid of St Leonards Hospice.


In the forest Year 1 have been busy using natural materials to make trees.

They are learning the names of all the parts of a tree.


Where are Year 1 going?

Find out HERE.


Our first book swap of the year was a big success.  There were lots of children looking out for new books to try.  Thank you to everyone who donated a book and to everyone who came.  The school council did a great job of making sure the book swap ran smoothly.

Find out what Year 6 are doing HERE.

World Airways took another flight at the start of the new term, whisking Year 6 away to a warmer climate - but where?  Look closely at the pictures.  Can you guess in which country Year 6 landed? It’s all linked to their topic for the Autumn Term.


Betsy took great care of the Grasshead she bought from the charity sale

at the end of the Summer Term. His 'hair' has grown very long!


Well done Betsy!


Our replica WW1 Trench looked lovely when we returned to school with poppies we had planted growing in 'No man's land'.


Congratulations to Brooke!

At the end of the Summer Term Brooke won a competition to design a mural - to be created entirely of Smarties - at York Chocolate Story.

Her winning picture has been enlarged and visitors to the York Chocolate Story are invited to make a donation to charity before adding a Smartie

to the mural. We hope to bring you another photo when it is complete.