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Deramore's Got X Book Factor!

On World Book Day 2013 we had a very special and entertaining assembly. Several characters from books tried to persuade us why their book was the best and why they should win.


Do you recognise any of them?


Our judges were Amanda Holden, wearing her

'Deramore Blue Outfit', and Simon Cowell,

who appeared to be having a 'Bad Hair Day'!


The first contestant was Big Skeleton from the book Funnybones by Janet & Allan Ahlberg.


He explained where he lived and how he had

left the dark, dark cellar to go for a walk.


The judges, however, felt that he wasn't appropriately dressed for the weather and told him to go back and put some clothes on!


Stickman, from the book by Julia Donaldson &

Axel Scheffer, gave us a lovely rhyming speech.


He explained to us how useful a stick could be

and the many things you could do with one.


I am afraid the judges comments were not favourable - "But you are JUST a stick . . . !"


Mrs Donaldson, from the book Hairy Maclary of Donaldson's Dairy by Lynley Dodd, joined us next.

She explained how frightened her pet had been by Scarface Claw the cat. So frightened that she had had to keep him on the lead all the time when they went out.

Both the audience and judges were very

sympathetic and loved little Hairy Maclary.


Everyone kept quiet when Grandma from George's Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl spoke to us.


She was very grumpy, telling us how she had

ordered George to get her medicine.


I am not sure that anyone liked her very much!


Finally we were joined by Mr Stink from

the book by David Walliams.


He told us all about his trip to the coffee shop.


He was very funny but I am not sure that Amanda Holden likes the smell, are you?


This year the judges couldn't make up their minds so

the audience had to vote with a show of hands.


And the winner was . . .


Mr Stink!

I do hope his success encourages him to

take a bath and smarten up a bit, don't you?



You can see some of our costumes HERE.