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Britain's Got X  Book Factor 2012

For World Book Day 2012 we had a very special and entertaining Assembly. Each character tried to persuade us why their book was the best and why they should win.

But who is that hiding behind the judges?


Here are our contestants with judge Amanda Holden - who appears to have brought her baby!


I am not sure that they all approved of the new rule introduced by judge Simon Cowell - a time limit on their presentation. He looks rather happy about it though!


Our first contender was Sigurd the Viking from 'There's a Viking in my Bed' by

Jeremy Strong.


He did seem a little confused about where he was and what he should do.


But where's Wally?


The Rat joined us next from

'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson.

Despite giving a lyrical performance, I don't think Amanda Holden was very keen on him at all!

And where's Wally?



Our next visitor was FAR more sensible. Claire Bunsen Burner, an eminent scientist, who contributes to the 'Horrible Science' series of books.

She brought her laboratory assistant with her and they explained how non-fiction books were very useful, helping us find out things and improve our minds. They felt that, in past years, non-fiction had not been represented enough at these occasions.



Where IS Wally now?


The Old Lady from

'A Squash and a Squeeze'

by Julia Donaldson gave us a charming presentation. She even brought one of her chickens with her!

No wonder her house is too small - she has far too many animals!

Can anyone see Wally?


Finally - THERE'S Wally!

Wally joined us from the series of 'Where's Wally' books by Martin Handford.

I am not sure that he convinced the judges that his books were the best because you didn't have to read anything - just look at pictures!



And the winner was . . .

. . . a very surprised Claire Bunsen Burner.

It was a unanimous decision by the judges.

They agreed that non-fiction books were a very valuable resource in education.

Congratulations Claire!