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The Building Begins!

The start of the new school journey.


Whilst clearing out the old PE shed ready for the construction company to arrive, the staff found an old flag used in a bygone era. Mr Yates, our site manager, thought it would be a good idea to welcome the first of the machinery on site with it.





The first lorry arriving on Monday 15 February.


The playground looked very different as Mr Danby

and a group of parents had taken the Japanese

Garden down as well as the playground equipment.

Preparing the grounds ready for Kier construction.

Can you spot the tree surgeon starting to

take the Ash tree outside Early Years down?


On Tuesday 16 February the fences started to go up.

We hope the children will have plenty of room to play!


This is the view at the other side of the

fence a week after Kier Construction arrived.


The digital Leaders enjoyed talking to the

construction team about the start of the new building.


We all had to wear protective

clothing to be able to go on site.


Once the large heaps of earth had been flattened

we watched some of the machinery levelling the ground.

This is a machine called a 360 as it turns a full revolution.
Early Years' favourite digger!

Here it is working to create a solid,

level base for our new school.

Once the underground drainage had been installed, the big holes were filled back in.

The children enjoyed seeing the first

concrete for our new school being laid.


Further down the school field a giant

'soak away' has been created to

help with the drainage of the land.