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Building in Early Years
As part of our topic 'Above and Below', we are learning about buildings.
Our new role play area is a building site!

Look at these children hard at work -

they are building a house.


We used lots of different types of building

materials to make a jungle and a zoo

for animals that have been naughty!

Can you see the penguin guard?
We can build towns too.

In the Forest School we had to

build bridges to cross the river.


The river was wide in some places and

narrower in others so we had to make

some bridges longer than others.

Which bridge do you like the best?                                                       Which bridge looks safe?

We also made tents for the

Three Bears to go camping.

We needed to make a small tent for Baby Bear, a medium tent for Mummy Bear and a large tent for Daddy Bear.

These girls decided to build a nest

for the birds during their lunchtime.


They wanted to put the nest in the

tree so that the birds could use it.