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A Busy Monday!
The Early Years children have had a VERY busy Monday . . .

They have explored ICT

using remote control bugs.


They even made an obstacle

course for them to go round.


After reading a book about Planes, the plan was

to make his own Jumbo Jet in the 'Making' area.

The feathers are the smoke that comes

out of the back of the plane.


The challenge that Early Years were given was to use

guttering to make a 'river' that the ducks and fish would

float down, just like Thumbelina did in the story.


The ducks and fish went down VERY fast

when the guttering was steep and when

lots of water was poured down.


We made boats for Thumbelina.

They had to float and be able to hold

some of our Playmobil people.


. . . AND a busy Tuesday!

In Forest Schools we made shapes out of twigs. 

We had to find the right number of sticks and we

had to make sure they were the right length.


We made 2d shapes.


What shapes can you see?


We also made 3d shapes – a cuboid,

a triangular prism and a square based pyramid. 


We used the clove hitch

to tie the sticks together.