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York Castle Museum Visit

Years 3 & 4 went to the York Castle Museum to take part in workshops and look round the 1914 Exhibition.

Here are some of the things that they enjoyed on their day out.


In the first workshop we first looked at how the

Great War started and who was involved.

We then found out what each member of a

family might have been doing during World War 1.


There were things that the family could

have sent to their father in the trenches,

including socks, soap and writing paper.


We looked at what a soldier may carry in his pockets.

There were photos & letters from home and

a bar of chocolate from Rowntrees' factory.


The son had joined the Boy Scouts

and learnt semaphore signaling



We had a go!


The daughter had started training to become a nurse.



We bandaged the injured soldiers.
The mother worked in the ammunitions factory.

We filled shells with shrapnel . . .

and packed bullets for dispatch.


We explored the 1914 Exhibition.

There were WW1 uniforms . . .
a train ride to the front line . . .

and a trench to explore.




After lunch we made badges and

marched through Kirkgate chanting, with

banners in support of the Suffragettes.



The Police became involved at our gathering

when one woman chained herself to the railings!


We were all taken to the

Police Station and locked in a cell!


Fortunately, they listened to our pleas and we

 were released in time to get the bus back to school!