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Charity £10 Challenge

Each class in school was given £10 by Mrs Pye and challenged to make as much profit as they could.

The children chose the RSPCA as the charity to donate the money raised to.

The Early Years children prepared sandwiches and scones.
They held an 'Afternoon Tea' for their parents & carers.
Year 1 took part in a sponsored 'Fun Run'.
Year 5 held a sponsored Cycle Ride.
Other classes made and prepared items to sell at an afternoon 'Charity Sale'.

Year 2 made Fruit Kebabs.


Year 3 created 'Grass Heads' to sell.


Year 4 made juggling balls using balloons and flour.


Year 6 kept us entertained with a variety

of game stalls and sold popcorn.


Thank you to everyone for your fantastic effort and to all who contributed.

So far the money raised for the RSPCA is over £900! Amazing!