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York Chocolate Story Visit

Years 3 & 4 couldn't wait to get started on

their tour of the York Chocolate Story!


We started by finding out how chocolate

arrived in the country and how it developed into

the product we know today. There was also lots of information about the families involved in the growth of the chocolate industry in York.


Next we looked at the process of

how chocolate is made today.


Now to test the chocolate . . .

listen for the 'snap' . . .


. . . can you actually 'taste' the

chocolate if you can't smell it?

There were historical displays to look at.

We made our own chocolate lollies . . .


and decorated them.


A chocolatier demonstrated how to make a

moulded chocolate with a soft centre filling.


We were able to see everything she did

through the special mirror above the counter.


Now to try the chocolates!


We tasted a banana filled chocolate

and then one with a mango filling. Yum!


Even after all that chocolate tasting we

still managed to eat our picnic lunches

in the sunshine outside Bedern Hall!


At Bedern Hall we had to

wear protective clothing . . .


. . . to make our own

chocolates on the production line!



They were made on special,

edible transfer paper -

and decorated nicely of course!

We had the oportunity to examine the raw ingredients of chocolate.

We learnt about the process of tempering chocolate

as well as looking at examples which had not been

tempered properly and had also been kept wrongly.


We also had a team challenge - to put the

chocolate making process in the correct order.


Lots of us thought it was

'The best trip ever ! '

I wonder why . . ?