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The Comenius Project in Hungary

Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.


During the project children and adults in each school will have the

opportunity to learn about each country's history and culture.

You can find out about the first visit, to Turkey, HERE.
You can find out about the second visit, to Poland, HERE.
The fourth visit to Portugal can be seen HERE.
The final visit to England can be seen HERE.

Mr Longmore, Miss McCormack and Mrs Lee went

to the third Comenius meeting in Hungary.

They flew to Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

They were shown round Budapest before travelling

to the host village of Nagykoru, a few hours drive away.

This is the amazing Hungarian Parliament building

on the eastern bank of the River Danube.


They visited Heroes' Square, one of the major squares

in Budapest, with statues of the leaders of the seven

tribes that founded Hungary in the 9th century.


When they arrived in Nagykoru in the evening they

were made very welcome by the whole school.

The children performed traditional dances from

each Comenius country including Hungary . . .


Turkey . . .

and England!

All the dances and

costumes were fantastic!


The next day they were shown round the school with

the help of some of the older, English speaking pupils.


All the schools taking part in the Project

have dedicated Comenius displays.

Have you seen ours?


Here is Hungary's Tree of Expectations made from recycled materials.

You may have seen some of our trees around school.

The Starry Eyed Shepherd, Hungary's traditional character in the

Project story, can just be seen in the cabinet to the left.

Happy 1st Birthday to the Project!

This is a view of Dobo Square from Eger Castle, one of the

earliest Hungarian fortifications in the beautiful, old city of Eger.


There were several meetings during the visit. At one of these

the rules for participation in an Art Exhibition were agreed.

The Exhibition is to be hosted here in York.

During the last evening in the village, presentations were made.

After the presentations, everyone was encouraged

to join in and learn traditional Hungarian dances.

Their final day was spent at the cultural centre in Nagykoru.
They had the opportunity to make dolls,
felted soap bags,
milk loaf,
and even had a lesson in archery!

They were treated to a horse

and trap ride round the village.


The day was finished with traditional Hungarian fayre -

goulash, potatoes and salad.


Hungarian hospitality at its best!