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The Comenius Project in Portugal

Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.


During the project children and adults in each school will have the

opportunity to learn about each country's history and culture.

You can find out about the first visit, to Turkey, HERE.
You can find out about the second visit, to Poland, HERE.
See the third visit, to Hungary, HERE.
The final visit to England can be seen HERE.

The Lord Deramore's Team arrive at Lisbon Airport.

Mr Heale is trying his best to listen to Claudia, the Portuguese teacher who spoke the best English.


Miss McCormack is not sure if what Mr Heale has

just said is the right answer to the question

Claudia has just asked!


This was the start of an amazing week of

"Learning how other people learn".


After a busy afternoon learning all

about modern Lisbon Miss McCormack

and Mrs Powley were starving.


They asked advice from the Portuguese team

about what was traditional food.


This is what they got, it was like a warm bread & porridge mixture, with prawns and raw egg.


These children are aged 12 and are working in the Library. They were doing their English homework.


The Library has monitors to

look after it, just like we do.


Wouldn't it be great to have 300 days of

sunshine a year like they do in Portugal?


There is no wonder they have a giant playground

as there are no such things as wet playtime there!


We spent a lot of time working with our

Portuguese, Turkish, Polish and Hungarian friends.


We have now finished our book and hope that

it will be published soon. Miss McCormack was concentrating hard as she was trying to take

minutes of the meeting.


This is very difficult when five languages

were being spoken at the same time.


We had school dinners Portuguese style.


They were fantastic.


This is traditional Portuguese dancing.


If you look closely enough you can see

Mrs Bradley and Miss McCormack.


We went to a truly amazing place called Fatima.

It is a spiritual place where two young shepherds

are said to have seen the Virgin Mary.


Many Portuguese families come every year to

say prayers to God. Mr Heale is pointing to the

place where the young shepherds saw Mary.


After a long day learning lots of new things we were allowed to go and play on the beach.


It was about 9pm so the sun was just going down.


We were the only ones on the beach

other than the Fishermen.


As it is usually warm and sunny in Portugal, the

government don't heat their schools.

The only way to keep warm in winter is by lighting

the wood burner at the corner of the classroom.


Can you imagine that at Lord Deramore's!


Here are the children learning in their classrooms.


Can you see a wood burning stove in the corner?


The schools in Leiria were usually small but very friendly. All the children were very pleased to meet us and keen to show us what they were learning.


It was a happy place to be. Full of fun.


It is the same the whole world over.


The dinner ladies can't find all the children for

lunch as some are out on the field playing football!


This is the newest school building.


We had a good look for ideas for our new school.


Are there more teachers than children in this room?


This is a paper mill.

Mr Heale discovered a hidden talent.

He is very good at making paper.

We went to a traditional paper mill in Leiria.


The City centre of Leiria.


You can see the castle on the hill.


Our friends at the schools in Portugal treated us to some traditional dancing at the Castle of Leiria.


We all joined in, but guess what -

Mr Heale was the best dancer of all!


You can't leave Lisbon without eating a traditional

custard tart from the Portuguese equivalent of Betty's.


Mrs Bradley said they were delicious. Can you spot her in the queue? And look who is standing next to her!