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The Comenius Project in Turkey

Our school is taking part in a Comenius project with four schools from different countries.

We shall be working with schools from Poland, Hungary, Portugal and Turkey.


During the project children and adults in each school will have the

opportunity to learn about each country's history and culture.

You can find out about the second visit, to Poland, HERE.
See the third visit, to Hungary, HERE.
The fourth visit to Portugal can be seen HERE.
The final visit to England can be seen HERE.


To start the project Mr Longmore and

Miss McCormack attended a meeting

hosted in Izmir by the Turkish school.


Here are Mr Longmore and Miss McCormack talking to a class of Turkish children.


They listened carefully to instructions

before an art activity.

They were proud to show off their results!

During the visit they met lots of local

politicians and officials.

This photograph appeared in the newspaper.


The title of the project is "Once Upon a Time."

We will be working together to tell well known national stories from each country.


They saw many interesting things on their trip.

These are pomegranates growing on a tree.

Turkey is an Islamic country with many Mosques.
There was a visit to the ancient city of Ephesus to learn about the history of Turkey.

This is the famous clock tower in Izmir,

where they were staying.