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  The Comenius Project  

The Comenius Project is part of  our celebration of cultural diversity.

The project connects us with diverse schools across Europe.

With pupils from Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Portugal we are

creating a story starring national characters from each country.

What will 'Once Upon a Time' lead to this time?


On Wednesday 23rd October there was a meeting for parents & Governors

about the Comenius project. You can see the presentation slides HERE.


Our Easter Egg decorating this year was based on national characters from the

Comenius story that is being written. You can see some of our designs HERE.


Before Christmas 2012 every child in school wrote down their hopes for the future as part of our Comenius project.  We have now made these into a beautiful tree in our school entrance area.  As we receive leaves from the other four countries, we will be adding these to other trees to share the hopes of children across Europe and beyond!


You can also see some of our work and displays in school HERE.


To accompany the tree in our entrance way, which has a hope for the future from every child in school, we have made four extra trees from recycled materials.  Every class in Key Stage 2 made a tree and each of these trees is very different.  Today we decorated the trees with leaves from each of the schools we are working with in the Comenius project.  Twenty of our expectations have been sent out to each our partner schools for them to display on their trees as well.


The story is currently on its writing journey.

We are excited about beginning our contribution to this worldly story.

It began in Turkey, is being continued in Poland and will arrive here for Lord Deramore's pupils to sink their creative writing teeth into very soon. Hungarian pupils will continue our adventures. Our Portugese friends will create 'The End' and publish the story, producing a book.

We will keep you updated and look forward to your contributions to a great story.


During the project children and adults in each

school will have the opportunity to learn

about each country's history and culture.


To start the project Mr Longmore and

Miss McCormack attended a meeting

hosted in Izmir by the Turkish school.

You can find out about the first visit, to Turkey, HERE.


Mr Longmore, Mr Heale and Mrs Lee visited the second country,

Poland, in April 2012. They stayed near Knurow in Silesia, Poland.


You can find out about the second visit, to Poland, HERE.


The third visit was to Nagykoru in Hungary in October 2012.

You can find out more HERE.


Fourth was a trip to Leiria in Portugal in February 2013.

Take a look HERE.


Finally the Comenius members came to York, England in May 2013.

You can see what they did HERE.