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Early Years are Archaeologists

Three archaeologists from 'The Dig' came to tell

Early Years all about their work.


They learnt that archaeologists dig up other people's 'rubbish'

and use it to work out what their lives were like.


They really enjoyed learning about archaeologists and now have their own role play 'Dig' - an excavation site in the sand and soil trough.


They brought lots of activities for the children to try.

Take a look below to see all the exciting things they did.


Old and New

We matched old and

new objects.

Here is an old and new nail and an old and new knife.



We found a skeleton, some beads and some jewellery. We thought that it must have belonged to a lady.


Small World Excavating

The Playmobil people were used to play at being archaeologists.


Grinding Flour

We used a Viking stone to grind our own flour.

Do you know what the name is for the stone?


Weighing Materials

We used the scales to see which object was the heaviest.



We looked at the things thrown away in the 'Rubbish Bin' to work out which family it belonged to.


Sorting Materials

There were objects made from metal, bone, stone and pottery for us to sort.


Outside Excavating

We did our own excavating in the Forest area. We found lots of worms, a small piece of pottery (probably a cup) and a sweetie wrapper

- no treasure!



At the end of the morning we looked at some of our 'spoils' together.