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Big and Small
This term the Early Years Topic is 'Big and Small'.
See Tree Giants HERE
See Giant Feet HERE

We have been reading 'The Smartest Giant in Town'. We have made models of giants, painted patterns

on giant footprints and used drums to make the sound of the giant walking, stamping and tiptoeing.


We found a giant footprint in our Forest School.

I wonder how it got there?

We used natural materials in the forest to make our own giant footprints.

While we were in the forest we tried to work out which tree had the biggest or fattest trunk by

giving the tree a hug! Some trees could be hugged by one person, some trees needed two,

or even more, people to hug them!

I wonder how old these trees are?

In our classroom we have a

Giant's Castle role play area -

with a giant xylophone.

We also have Giant food -

sausage, chips and peas!

We have also read Jack and the Beanstalk.
We built a house for the Giant.
A GIANT House!
And a much smaller house for Jack.

We built giant models and

tried to walk like a Giant.