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Easter Fun in the Forest

This week we did lots of Easter-y activities in the forest.


We collected things from the forest floor, such as leaves, grass, pine cones and sticks.


We stuck the things we had found

onto giant Easter egg shapes, making

our own patterned Easter egg.

The Easter Bunny hid some numbers in the forest.
We had to go round and find the numbers then tick them off on our sheet when we found them.

The challenge was to try and find

them in the right order from 0 - 20.


Our last challenge was to find

the Easter Bunny in the forest.


We worked in pairs and one child

hid a picture of the Easter Bunny.

Then we had to give our partner directions to help them find the Easter Bunny we had hidden.

We used directions such as 'Go forward',

'Walk over the walkway' and

'Go underneath the walkway'.


We had lots of fun doing our Easter challenges.


Happy Easter!