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Number Bonds

In Early Years we have been exploring Number Bonds – two numbers that add together to make 10.


In the Forest we made number bond bunting.


Each piece of string had to have 2 different

types of items on, but only ten things altogether


We had some with 4 leaves and 6 twigs

and some with 7 pine cones and 3 leaves.


We hung our number bond bunting up so that

Sage and Onion could use it to learn their number bonds.


We also made number bond pictures by

arranging ten items on either side of a large stick.

Once we were back in the classroom, these boys used the Numicon to show what they know about Number Bonds.

We have also been learning about numbers

and ordering them – even numbers in 10s to 100. 


We then used what we learnt about

numbers to play games and keep score.

We even tried to order some numbers to 20 by ourselves.