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This Week In Early Years

This week Early Years had their first football

session with Dave the coach.

We had a go running forward and

sideways through the cones.


Then we were given a ball to hold.

We had to hold it carefully when we

ran so we didn't drop it.


We learnt to kick the ball really gently so we

could move it around the hall and we learnt

to keep it still by putting our foot on top of it.


We loved our football session and are looking

forward to another one next week!



We have been talking about friends this week.

We chatted about who our friends are and

what makes a good friend.

We thought of words like love, fun, share,

play and help - all the things a friend is

or a friend does.


We drew round four friends in our classroom

then wrote our names, our friends' names and

some of the words to describe a friend inside them.

In Early Years we write in lots of different places for lots of different reasons.
We draw pictures and write labels . . .
. . . practise our letters . . .


. . . write signs for our dens and models . . .


. . . we even write on flags to stick in

sandcastles or wave at our friends.