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A Challenge from Zog

In Early Years we have been reading the story of Zog the dragon.  He goes to dragon school to learn how to fly, roar, breathe fire and catch princesses.  He gets a gold star when he meets his challenges.


We got 3 maths challenges from Zog.  If we met the challenges, we got a gold star too.  Our second challenge was to make a castle out of shapes.  We had to talk about the shapes and say their names.


We also learnt the sound y as in fly so

that we could write about Zog. 

Here are some of our stories.

We also read the story of Room on the Broom, and thought about how to make a potion to make things fly. 

The potion had to have three different ingredients. At least one of them had to have something to do with flying like a butterfly with wings or bubbles that float. 


We wrote labels and a title for our work. 

It took 3 weeks to complete our work, so we

also had to learn to save and open our work.