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A Busy Start in Early Years

YoYo came into Early Years to tell us the story of

Jesus being taken to the temple. Anna told us the story.


We joined in by doing actions.


Afterwards we looked at some of the things in

Anna's bag to do with the story. We enjoyed YoYo's visit.


We have been learning about

numbers and practising counting.


We sing lots of number songs and practise

ordering numbers and counting all around

the inside and outside classroom.


This week we have been learning about Bonfire Night.


We listened to the story of Guy Fawkes

and why we celebrate Bonfire Night.

Some children retold the story using

the wood and small world people.


We talked about the sounds that fireworks make

and we made a 'Firework Sound' picture by writing

words on a black piece of paper with chalk.

Can you see the words 'pop', 'bang' and 'sparkle'?
We made firework pictures using lots of different materials - chalk, paint, pastels and glitter.
We used our alphabet cards to help write more firework sound words.

These two children made up a firework

dance using the instruments.


They wrote messages on the board -

'No going in the cones' and

'Firework Show'.