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A Busy Week in Early Years

This week we have been practising addition.

We went outside to look at the daffodils.


We counted the daffodils on two different plants then

we worked out how many daffodils there were altogether.


We took photographs of the daffodils so we could

use them for our maths work the next day.


We used the photos of the daffodils to help us write number sentences.

We learnt to use the + and = signs in our number sentences.


Mrs Parker and Mrs Greenway came in to help us

plant seed potatoes in the new raised beds.


We put name labels near to the potatoes we planted.

We have to keep looking to see when the shoots come

up. When they do, we will need to add more compost.


When the potatoes grow we will be able to find them in

the soil. Did you know that potatoes grow under the ground?


Maybe when they have grown we can cook and eat them!


We have been very interested in volcanoes recently. We watched a film of a volcano erupting.

We talked about volcanoes and did an experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar

which made lava come out of the hole in the middle.


These volcanoes are painted on bumpy paper. We have used fire colours - red, orange and yellow -

for our paintings. We have even written our own volcano stories.


We explored more volcano colours by blowing bubbles

in red, orange and yellow paint and used the paint to

make patterns on our paper.

It was important to remember to blow - not suck!

In PE we have been using streamers.

We made circle shapes, moved the streamer

up and down and round and round.

We worked in pairs to create a simple dance.


Our streamers even helped us practise our handwriting.


We used lots of the movements we need

to use when we are forming our letters.