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Egg Decorating Easter 2014
The theme for our egg decorating this year was the 'English Spring & Summer Time'.
The eggstravaganza started in the Early Years classroom with baby chicks and lambs.

In Year 1 the eggs had hatched and there

were nests full of eggxuberant baby birds.


Down on the farm in Year 2 there were

eggciting new arrivals of chicks,

lambs, pigletes and foals.


There was an eggsplosion of colour

in Year 3 where a kaleidoscope of

symmetrical butterflies had settled.

Eneggmatic woodland creatures were everywhere in Year 4.

Year 5 had worked eggstremely hard

on all their eggcellent creations.


There were some more eggcentric

interpretations of the theme in Year 6 . . .

including 'springs' . . .
'spring cleaning' . . .

as well as swans a swimming

with their cygnets in a pool of real water . . .


and even 'new beginnings' with the

eggciting birth that day of baby Sam Carr !


Following the eggxhibition, it was time to

present the chocolate prizes to the winners.


Well done everyone!

You all worked eggceedingly hard.

There were some speggtacular displays.


Happy Easter!