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Egg Decorating Easter 2013

Our Easter Egg decorating this year was based on the Comenius project that school is involved in.

Many of our eggs were based on the national characters in the story we are creating.

Robin Hood, Great Britain; Halabala, Poland; Kelogan, Turkey; Queen Isabella, Portugal;

and the Starry Eyed Shepherd from Hungary.


Scroll down to see if you can identify some

of the characters -  and spot your own egg!


In Early Years there were Robin Hoods,

dressed in green, with Maid Marions in blue.


Year 1 had created the animals

in Sherwood Forest.

Who can you see in Year 2?
And Year 3?

The Sheriff of Nottingham joined

the other characters in Year 4.


There were some very detailed displays in Year 5.


Year 6 were very creative.



We had a special end of term assembly

where the winners were announced.


Happy Easter!