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Egg Decorating Easter 2016

The theme for our Egg Decorating this year was . . . EGG words!

It is no eggxaggeration to say that there were some eggstra special designs this year.

Take a look at the eggcellent creations below.


In Early Years there were Eggciting Superheroes . . .


as well as Eggxotic Princes & Princesses.


Year 1 had a playground full of children

'Eggactly like me'.


There were some eggcentric & eggotistical characters

in Year 2, including an eggcited bunny . . .

an eggsplosive chick . . .
and an eggcellent chef!

Year 3's eggs were eggsorbitantly eggspensive

with jewelled Faberge designs . . .


an eggxuberant Millionaire . . .



and a couple of designs by members of

staff which took some eggsplaining !


Year 4 used their topic as inspiration for their

eggstinct creations.


Eggsploration was the theme in Year 5.


There was even an eggmergency Helicopter

in case anyone was lost in an eggsposed area!


Year 6 worked eggstreemly hard

on their eggstraterrestrials.

Many of them were eneggmatic

characters from films.

Which do you recognise?


Finally, at the end of the day, there was

the eggcitement of the prize giving.

Here are the winners with their chocolate eggs.

Well done to everyone.

You worked eggceedingly hard

on some speggtacular creations.