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The 2012 Egglympics

Our theme for decorating eggs this Easter was the "Egglympics" 2012.

There were some very strong competitors in every year group!


The Early Years children prepared the very

eggspensive medals for the games.

In gold . . .
silver . . .
and bronze, of course!

It was an eggstra special medal ceremony at the the

"Chicken Run Stadium"

in Years 1 & 2 with Her Majesty

presenting the Golden Yolk

to our Australian visitor!

Can you see your eggcelent

creation in the crowd?


The rowers in Year 3 were eggshausted

as they approached the finishing line.


There was an eggstremely busy day

on the track in Year 4.


Some of the eggstreme sports taking place in Year 5

included weight lifting, show jumping, diving

and the javelin.


We were treated to a fine eggxhibition of talent in Year 6

where there was an eggbox-ing match, an egg & spoon race

and an eggstraordinary sprint finish,

much appreciated by the eggstrovert fans!


Years 5 & 6 even found time for some speggtacular snowy

Winter Egglympic events!


By far the most eggciting event of the day was the presentation

of the chocolate prizes to the competion winners!

We all had a 'cracking' day!

Happy Easter!