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Fairfax House

Year 6 were given the opportunity to visit Fairfax House by the Civic Trust as part of  a

"Living History Project". They experienced life in a Georgian Town House portrayed

through the dramatised roles of members of the household.

Click here to see the letters we sent to Fairfax House
We were greeted by the Footman and Housekeeper. They informed us that preparations were underway for Lord Fairfax's birthday celebrations. Before meeting his Lordship we were taught how to curtsey and bow and were warned that he was not "Best pleased" as the Housekeeper had neglected to place the order for his favourite cheeses, as well as the extra candles that would be required for the evening!
In the kitchen cook was hard at work making many different meat dishes including Peacock & Hare pies, Roast Pheasant, Whole Fish, Braised Lamb's Trotters and his Lordship's favourite -Jellied Eels. She was so busy that we had to help her turn the roasting coffee beans!
The Dining Room table was already laid with the very best silver and porcelain, with a wonderful arrangement of sugary treats on display.
We were taken up the Great Staircase to admire the ornately decorated ceiling, illuminated by the impressive Venetian window, that the family were so proud of.
Lady Anne graciously allowed us in her Bed Chamber to see her preparations for the evening. Her maid was busy sewing her into her dress and showed us how she had put rags into her Ladyship's hair.

Unfortunately the maid had been so busy that she had neglected 

to empty the Chamber Pot before we arrived!


The grandest room in the house was the Saloon where Lord Fairfax showed us his entertaining card games and the latest maps of the World that he enjoyed looking at.
Before we left Lord Fairfax and Lady Anne answered many of our questions about their lives in the house. Finally, we were entertained by a talented musician on the Spinet, playing the latest modern music of the time composed by Bach.