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The Farmers Cart

As part of their topic on Food, Years 1 & 2

went on a visit to the Farmers Cart.


We planted broad beans.


First we filled the pot with compost.



We made a hole for the bean with our thumbs.


Then they were watered.

We are taking our beans home to watch them grow.
We had fun describing the fruit or vegetable that we could feel under the cloth!

Wherever we went we had to make sure we washed our hands well.



This was to keep ourselves - and the animals - safe & healthy.

We were able to hold a guinea pig . . .
. . . scratch a VERY fat pig . . .
. . . and milk a (pretend!) cow.
There are some of the other animals we saw below.  Do you know what they all are?

We went on a tractor ride through the

wood where we learnt about some of

the wild animals that might live there.



Our ride took us through the fields where the farmer

picked carrots, potatoes, beetroot, rhubarb,

broad beans, peas and even sunflowers for us.




Then it was our turn to pick some fruit.


Can you guess what it was?

We had some time to play. . .

. . . and eat our strawberries before going back to school.