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Going Fast & Slow

Early Years have been very busy getting involved in their new topic ‘Fast and Slow’.



We have enjoyed racing in lots of different ways

and have made our own medals and finishing flags.


We have enjoyed using our new role play fire engine

which is only allowed to go fast in an emergency!


We have played the instruments and watched a ‘conductor’ who has instructed us to play fast or slow.


We have been reading ‘The Hare and the Tortoise’

and helped to make a story map so that we

can use finger puppets to retell the story.


We were very excited to welcome Fergie the tortoise into class and were surprised at how fast she can actually move!



We loved bringing our bikes and scooters into

school and rode around the playground being

very careful to slow down for the corners!


We have lots more ideas for our topic

and hope to bring you more photos soon.