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Charcoal Burning

With a lot of help from Isabel,

Year 3 made a fire in the forest.

We learned how to keep safe whilst

making and moving around a fire.


We wore a fire glove to keep safe

whilst adding fuel to the fire.

We had to ensure that the wind

was blowing from behind us.


We collected sticks to put in our treacle

tins so that we could make charcoal.


We used secateurs to cut the sticks to the correct size.


Once the twigs were inside we hammered

holes in the top of the tin so that the tin

wouldn't explode when we put it on the fire.


Finally we added the tins to the fire.


We will try out the charcoal in our Stone Age art work.


We also worked in out forest groups to

complete an orienteering activity on the field.

We collected letters from 28 different points

on the field to work out the mystery sentence!


We gave our groups a name connected to our topic.


Meet The Stone Age Group . . .

The Leaves . . .
The Mammoths . . .
The Bearskins . . .
The Caves . . .
The Clubs . . .
and finally The Granite Group.