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Gipton Fire Station

Mr Dave Iddon organised a very special day out for Jamie and his family.

They joined Red Watch at Gipton Fire Station, Leeds.

Jamie had his own helmet - and special Fire Teddy!
Then it was time to practise his skills at the wheel . . .
. . . and take a test run!
Hmm . . . time for some fun!
Now what are they planning?
Out with the ladders lads . . .
. . . up you go!
Let me think . . .

 I would watch out -

I recognise that twinkle in Jamie's eye!

Hoses - that's what we need now!
Is that the best you can do?
Let me show you how . . .
. . .  got him!
One VERY wet Fireman!
Even sister Poppy was a better shot than the Firemen!
Yep, that Fireman got VERY wet!
Look out - Mr Iddon has that twinkle in his eye now Jamie!
Mr Iddon decides to take Jamie's family out for a drive.

Here we go!

Sirens on!


Slow down!

Careful how you take those corners!

Mum, Poppy, Grandma and Grandad are in the back!

Team Photo time!

Here are Red Watch in their


Red Watch are planning lots

of events to fundraise for Jamie.

Good luck to you all!



A VERY BIG thank you to

RED WATCH for giving Jamie

and his family a wonderful day.