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Year 5 Forensic Scientists

Year 5 spent an afternoon at Archbishop Holgate's School working as Forensic Scientists

to solve a 'crime' that had been committed - a large diamond had been 'stolen'!

Evidence had been gathered from the scene of the crime which they used to help them

eliminate the five suspects one by one. Who would the guilty person be?


A footprint found at the scene was discovered to be a size 101/2. We created a scatter graph comparing shoe sizes to heights and were able to deduce that the suspect we were looking for was around 181cm tall.

Were we getting closer to the culprit?


All the suspects were wearing blue shirts

and samples had been taken from these

to compare to fabric found at the scene. We used microscopes to examine these in close detail.

We were closing in on the thief!



The length of a car tyre skid mark found at the scene of the crime was used to calculate the possible speed of the car. We used the formula:

Length of Skid = Speed x Speed


This helped us to eliminate some suspects as the make of car they owned could not travel fast enough to make the mark found at the scene.


Finally, we used a chromatagram to test ink samples provided by the suspects against one found at the crime scene.

We had him!

"Odd Job" Bond was our man!


We all had a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon.

In the laboratories that we worked in there were also

anagrams of scientific words for us to work out.

Can you solve these ?