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Forest School

In Early Years we have been enjoying

our Forest School every week.

We had a visit from Miss Holt who brought two friends with her – Sage and Onion –

the Forest Elves.

We learnt how to safely roll logs across the ground and made a bridge from one area to another (to avoid the sharks) and helped each other to walk across
It was Onion’s birthday so we made some Forest Bunting out of leaves, twigs, pine cones and any other natural things we could find.  We hung the Forest Bunting up and Onion came to see if he liked it.
Sage wanted us to make a surprise for Onion, so we used clay and natural objects to create Forest Faces on the trees.

We were very proud of all our hard work.

We are sure that Sage and Onion will like them too.


Miss Holt showed us how to whittle twigs using a potato peeler and then she made a leaf kebab using the stick.

  We made our own leaf kebabs by whittling sticks with potato peelers – some of us were very good at it!

We also made leaf party hats so that we looked the part for Onion's Birthday party.

We had a great time and learnt all about the trees we have in the Forest School by looking at the leaves we had collected.

We are looking forward to all the other exciting things we will do in

all the different seasons in our

Forest School.