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Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed a morning at

Fulford School discovering microbes.


They worked in small groups with Year 12 pupils

to grow some E.coli colonies on an agar plate,

using heat to destroy any other, lurking microbes.


They looked at microbes in the natural

environment like soil, pond water and leaves.


They swabbed door handles and thumb pads and other surfaces within the school environment and incubated their samples.

They looked at the fermentation of yeast (a kind of microbe) in bread, making their own mixtures.

They looked at microbes under a

microscope and recorded their findings.



We’re looking forward to seeing the results of the

various samples incubated in the coming weeks!


The incubated samples are back! 


Year 6 have been assessing the results. 


They were all quite shocked and sometimes disgusted with what had grown but there

was something quite fascinating about

incubated dishes.


Can you see the clear imprint

of a leaf in this photograph?