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Fun in the Forest
We played Hide and Seek at the start of Forest Schools this week.

We worked with a partner.

One partner had a band on

and they went to hide.


The other partners all stood together to count.

Yesterday we learnt to count in tens so we counted to 100 in tens:

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100 . . .


. . . coming ready or not !


We enjoyed playing Hide and Seek.


Our challenge this week was to make

a kite using sticks,string and a plastic bag.


First we had to find two sticks

- one longer than the other.


We collected all the sticks together in

a group and chose the two sticks we

thought would make the best kite.

After we had tied the sticks together, we had to tie string around the edge of our kite to make a frame.
We laid the kite shape on top of the plastic bag and taped the bag over the frame.

For the tail we had to collect natural things from the forest floor, like twigs, leaves and pine cones.


We twisted the string to make a hole and attached the things we had collected.

Our finished kites. We hung them in the play area - can you come and see them?

One of our children was on CBeebies this week. We watched the program in the classroom.

It was very exciting. You can see it for a limited time by following the link below.

Mr Blooms_Nursery_Get_Set_Grow!_Amazing_Maize_Maze