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Hobbit Hole

We had a competition in school to design a 'Hobbit Hole'.


My Danby, a parent & Governor at our school, prepared the ground and laid the hard core ready for us to start building.


Year 6 listened carefully to instructions.


They had the job of digging post holes and

preparing the framework of the building.


They learnt about the different tools they would use

to make sure the posts were vertical and in line.


The posts were held in place using postcrete.

Good job Year 6!

Year 5's task was to secure the planks of

wood to make the walls of the house.

They had to carry the large planks carefully.
They were fastened securely in place with screws.

The house was beginning to take shape!

Mr Danby cut a door in it and laid a floor inside.


Years 3 & 4 had to create the roof of the house.


First they had to trample the soil flat.


Mr Danby had gathered turf with his digger.

This had to be carried on to the

roof and firmed into place.


The Early Years and Key Stage 1 children made

a cobbled pathway at the front of the house.

They were very good at listening carefully.
They had to use a mallet to secure the stones.

Good job everyone!


I think the Hobbit looks very pleased

with his new house, don't you?

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