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In Early Years we have been learning about holes.

We have been reading a book called 'Shark in the Park'

by Nick Sharratt.

Timothy Pope sees lots of things through his telescope.

We painted pictures of what we could see through our telescopes.

We have been finding lots of things like skeletons in our role play dig!

This week we have been finding out about

worms and the holes they dig in the soil.

We went on a worm hunt in the outdoor area.

We found lots of worms!


Back in the classroom we made worms by cutting out the edge of

paper plates and mixing colours to make brown paint.

Do you know which colours make brown?

In ICT we drew a picture of a worm then wrote worm poems to describe the worms.

Mr Danby showed us how he could use his

digger to dig a hole in our school field!

The hole was big enough for us to get in.

We found pottery, roots, stones and worms in the soil he dug up.


Mr Danby put a 2p coin, dated 2012, at the

bottom of the hole before he filled it up again.

We wonder when it will be found again?


In PE we made holes and tunnels with our bodies for

other people to travel through.


We have made some impressive models with tunnels!


In our Forest School sessions we practised using

tools to make holes in a watermelon.


The watermelons also inspired some fantastic art work!