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Holocaust Memorial Day Workshop

The University of York hosted a programme of events to mark Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January.

As part of this, Years 5 & 6 were invited to two workshops.


They were asked to bring old shoes. In one workshop they made a soundtrack using the shoes,

and only the different sounds they could create using them, to tell a story.


In the other workshop the children were

encouraged to think of a moment in their

livesthat had made an impression on them.

They then had to assume a pose that

captured that moment or emotion.


Collectively, they then told

their story in 30 seconds.


At the end of the session they wrote a brief note about their 'moment' on individual luggage tags

which were attached to their shoes. The shoes were then used to create a sculpture

from which the soundtrack of their footsteps and the stories could be heard.


Why shoes?



Shoes are worn throughout life's journey and,

when taken away, can hinder the owner's

ability to walk to freedom.