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Humpty Dumpty

Early Years have been using ‘Humpty Dumpty’

in Literacy as a stimulus for writing and have

used the rhyme to inspire lots of other activities too.


We lined lots of Humpty Dumptys on a wall,

knocked some off and wrote subtraction calculations.


Some children were challenged to find as many

different ways to knock them off, as they could.

We built our own walls for Humpty Dumpty and learnt about brick patterns which we explored ourselves using bricks. . .

paint . . .



and in ICT.


These girls even made their own

Humpty Dumpty models at the Creative Table.


In Forest Schools we made a wall by weaving sticks and let Sage and Onion try it out. We made up a new rhyme and sung it to them . . .


Sage and Onion sat on a wall.

Sage and Onion didn’t have a fall.

All the children and all the teachers

Didn’t need to put them together again!