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Jubilee Celebrations
Early Years have had fun celebrating the Jubilee.
We have created Union Jacks in lots of different ways.

We have talked about the Queen’s palaces, her carriages

and her flag, called the Royal Standard


We made bunting and have learnt

how to sing the National Anthem.


We enjoyed wearing red, white and blue and perfected the royal wave!

Can you see The Queen?


We had planned a 'Street Party' for lunchtime,

in the playground, but the British weather

let us down - it rained - a lot!


In true British style, we carried on.

Our hall was decorated with bunting, flags and balloons.

Food was prepared and the tables were laid.


We managed to fit the whole school

in the hall for our lunch together.



Everyone was wearing red, white and blue.

We sang the National Anthem and waved our flags.

We also practised our 'Royal Wave'!