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Keeping Healthy

In Early Years we have been

thinking about keeping healthy.


We made healthy food for Sage and Onion

using the natural things we found

on the forest floor. 


We added water and used spoons, beaters

and even a pestle and mortar to mix the ingredients.


We made all sorts of food, such as

pizza, pasta, soup and porridge.


After we had made our food, we showed it to

Sage and Onion, and then we left it around

the forest for them to eat after we had gone.


Exercise is very important when you are keeping healthy.

We made an obstacle course for Sage and Onion.


We used crates, logs, planks, tyres and

pallets to make our obstacle course. 


After we had made it, we tested it to see

how difficult it was and to check it was safe.


We felt very fit!


Finally, we wrote a set of instructions for Sage and Onion

to remind them how to stay healthy. 


We reminded them they had to eat

healthy food, such as fruit and vegetables,

exercise and keep themselves clean.

We think Sage and Onion will be very healthy now!